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Not long ago, in the Net, I came across an idea: "the ship to fly to Mars should weigh a thousand tons - and this is just unthinkable!". But that is - one thousand tons? Even not very big sea ships weigh hundreds of tons - and biggest of them can achieve mass of hundreds thousands tons. That is, one thousand tons for an earth ship - it's quite normal, and not even a very large weight. One can assume that the spacecraft must weigh not less than that (it needs to go through a much longer path in a much more severe conditions) - but none of the space apparatus hold up to half tons: even ISS (which is under construction for more than ten years) wheighs about 400, all the other spaceships - much less.

I believe that this is not enough - and for any serious space exploration weight of the vehicles will need to be increased. Main problem - extemely high cost of launch cargo into space, and it can be solved in two ways: either by creating completely new system to reach the orbit (for example, high hopes submit the project "Skylon"), either... not launch spaceships from Earth at all. Point is that we do not need "bring a spacecraft from the Earth into space", but put it in the orbit (where it assembled - is the least of our questions). If you found a place where the spacecraft can be assemled from scratch (or almost from scratch), and from where they is much easily can be put into the space - the problem will be solved (by analogy - no one build shipyards in Tibet, when it's possible to build them nearby sea: so ships can be much easily launched).

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